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Uncork Your Dork is dedicated to helping small business owners and bloggers organize the most difficult parts of what they do...and do it with pizzazz.  Through FREE 14 Day Challenges (and 30 day courses) dedicated to writing style and branding, digital downloads and email lists, SEO and organic traffic and finding simplicity in your business structure...we have your back!!  Click an image below to sign up for an open challenge OR find out when the next challenge will launch!

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Learn to write funny 

Ready to find your unique writing style and increase your voice and brand exposure? 

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SEO has never been easy...but now it can be understood. Spend 14 Days going over your organic traffic plan in detail! 

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understand your email list

Let us FINALLY help you to get your email lists and opt-ins created and organized! 

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organize your business

Small business is a messy business...but it doesn't have to be! Join me while we organize everything from email lists to posts! 

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